Ghaf Framework is free software, currently under active development.

The scope of target support is updated with development progress:

Once you are up and running, you can participate in the collaborative development process by building a development build with additional options. For example, with the development username and password that are defined in accounts.nix.

If you authorize your development SSH keys in the ssh.nix module and rebuild Ghaf for your target device, you can use nixos-rebuild switch to quickly deploy your configuration changes to the target device over the network using SSH. For example:

nixos-rebuild --flake .#nvidia-jetson-orin-agx-debug --target-host root@<ip_address_of_ghaf-host> --fast switch
nixos-rebuild --flake .#lenovo-x1-carbon-gen11-debug --target-host root@<ip_address_of_ghaf-host> --fast switch

With the -debug targets, the debug ethernet is enabled on host. With Lenovo X1 Carbon, you can connect USB-Ethernet adapter for the debug and development access.

Pull requests are the way for contributors to submit code to the Ghaf project. For more information, see Contribution Guidelines.