Configuring and Building Installer for Ghaf

You can obtain the installation image for your Ghaf configuration.

In addition to the live USB image that Ghaf provides it is also possible to install Ghaf. This can either be achieved by downloading the desired image or by building it as described below.

Currently only x86_64-linux systems are supported by the standalone installer. So to build e.g. the debug image for the Lenovo x1 follow the following steps

nix build .#lenovo-x1-carbon-gen11-debug-installer

Flashing the installer

Once built you must transfer it to the desired installation media. It requires at least a 4GB SSD, at the time of writing.

sudo dd if=./result/iso/ghaf-<version>-x86_64-linux.iso of=/dev/<SSD_NAME> bs=32M status=progress; sync

Installing the image

Warning this is a destructive operation and will overwrite your system

Insert the SSD into the laptop, boot, and select the option to install.

When presented with the terminal run:


Check the available options shown in the prompt for the install target remember that the /dev/sdX is likely the install medium.

Once entered, remembering to include /dev, press ENTER to complete the process.

sudo reboot

And remember to remove the installer drive