Architectural Variants

The main scope of the Ghaf platform is edge virtualization. However, to support modular development and testing of the platform, variants are supported with the following definitions:

  • Default
    A default variant. Supports minimal host, GUI VM[^note] and netvm. May host other VMs. For more information, see Stack.

  • Headless
    A variant with minimal host and netvm. May host other VMs but does not have GUI VM or graphics stack on a host.

  • Host only A variant with minimal host only. A user can manually install software to a host, including VMs (if supported by hardware).

  • No virtualization A variant for hardware with no support for virtualization. May run any software, similar to popular Linux distributions, but cannot support guest virtual machines. May host any software deployed directly on a host.

Variant NameHeadlessGraphicsVMsDevices
DefaultNoGUI VM [^note]SupportedJetson, generic x86
HeadlessYesNoSupportedJetson, generic x86
Host OnlyYesNoMay be supported but not includedJetson, generic x86
No VirtualizationYes or noNative on hostNot supportedRaspberry Pi, RISC-V

[^note] As of early 2023, the graphics stack is deployed on a host to support application development. Work is ongoing to define the GUI VM and isolate graphics with GPU passthrough.