idsvm-Itrusion Detection System Virtual Machine


Proposed, partially implemented for development and testing.

idsvm reference declaration will be available at [microvm/idsvm.nix] (


Ghaf high-level design target is to secure a monolithic OS by modularizing the OS to networked VMs. The key security target is to detect intrusions by analyzing the network traffic in the internal network of the OS.


The main goal is to have networking entity in Ghaf internal network so that all network traffic goes via that entity. Traffic then can be analysed to detect possible intrusions in inter VM communication and outgoing network traffic (from VM to internet). This goal is achieved itroducing a dedicated virtual machine and route all networking from other virtual machines to go through it. Then it is possible to use various IDS software solutions in idsvm to detect possible suspicious network activities.



A dedicated idsvm provides a single checkpoint to detect intrusions and anomalies in the internal network of the OS and to initiate required countermeasures.

Routing and analysing the network traffic in separate VM will reduce network performance.